The price of Bitcoin is actually regaining bullish momentum, however, the critical resistance level around $11,000 may stay in one piece for a long period.

While Bitcoin (BTC) has been showing weakness in recent days as BTC price dropped from $12,000 to $10,000, a few mild at the end of the tunnel is actually leading up.

The buying price of Bitcoin showed support at the emotional shield of $10,000 and bounced several times as it’s currently close to $11,000. Most importantly, may Bitcoin break through this essential spot and continue the bullish momentum of its?

Bitcoin holds $10,000 to avoid any additional correction on the markets The cost of Bitcoin could not hold above $11,100 at the outset of September and decreased south, causing the crypto marketplaces to tumble down with it.

Because of the busy breakout above $10,000 in July, a big gap was developed with no substantial support zones. As no support zones were demonstrated, the retail price of Bitcoin fell to the $10,000 region in one day.

This $10,000 place is an important guidance area, as it was before a resistance area, particularly near the time of the Bitcoin halving that happened in May. However, flipping this major degree for support brings up the risks of more upward continuation.

Is the CME gap getting front-run by the markets?
As the cost dropped from $12,000 before this month, many traders as well as investors had the eyes of theirs on the possible closure of the CME gap.

Nevertheless, the CME gap didn’t close as buyers stepped in above the CME gap. The purchase price of Bitcoin turned around during $10,000 and not at $9,600.

In that regard, the probability of not closing the CME gap will increase by the day. Only some CME spaces will get brimming as it’s simply another factor to think about for traders, just love support/resistance flips or maybe the Fibonacci extension application.

What’s very likely is a considerable range-bound time for Bitcoin, that might keep going for months. A comparable time was seen in the previous sector cycle in 2016.

As the chart shows, a latest uptrend is clearly apparent since the crash with continuation likely.

The upper resistance level is $10,900. In the event that this’s broken off, the next essential hurdle is actually discovered at $11,100 11,300. This particular resistance zone is the essential level on excessive timeframes also, that, if broken off, could very well lead to a tremendous rally.

The purchase price of Bitcoin may then observe a rapid rise to the following major opposition zone at $12,100.

But, a state of the art in one-go is less likely as this would only be the original check of the preceding support zone ($11,100).

Thus, a possible continuation of the sideways range bound building shouldn’t come as a surprise and would be comparable to what took place straightaway after the 2020 halving.

To recap, clearly defined support zones are realized at $9,200-9,500 and around $10,000; the resistance zones are at $11,100 11,300 as well as $11,900-12,200.