Affin Bank Bhd has unveiled “Affin Duo”, a two charge card item for millennials in today’s digital era.

Customised for millennials as hot topic making a least salary of RM2,000 a month, the new card offers customers 3 per cent cash back on digital transactions as well as three occasions Affin Rewards Points for daily investing.

“The Affin Duo dual bank card item consists of the AffinBank Visa Cash Back credit card and Affin Bank Mastercard Rewards credit card which would be granted jointly.

“Customers may gain from the hard cash back opportunity for digital transactions such as payment for online purchases, reload of e-wallets as well as automobile billing transaction for instance Insurance premium, electricity costs or digital subscriptions like Netflix by buying the Affin Duo Visa Cash Back credit card,” Affin Bank president and chief executive officer Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali said at the launch today.

Wan Razly said the timing of introducing the card was on point with the new norm of increased spending in today’s digital age to satisfy more remarkable expectations of customers for flexibilities and corner.

Visa countryside boss Ng Kong Boon mentioned its facts showed that one in eight active Visa cardholders in Malaysia who did not make use of e-commerce last year designed their very first choose online this year.

“Furthermore, our e commerce transaction and invest progress by Visa cardholders in Malaysia has been continuously increasing year-on-year.

“This phenomena shows that Malaysian individuals are starting to shift to e-commerce stations to make buying for the things of theirs and this digital adoption curve has even more increased because of the pandemic.

In-line with the launch, card users are able to take part in an “Apply and Win” plan from August 28 2020 to February twenty eight 2021 and stand the opportunity to win one grand prize of exclusive Proton by creating a least list shell out of RM100 within 45 days or weeks at card approval particular date.